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Wide range of products for dialysis care.

Dialife is a leading manufacturer of hemodialysis devices. Hemodialysis is a process to remove waste, toxins and impurities from the blood of patients affected by kidney failure, through an extracorporeal system.


At the core of the dialysis process is the dialyzer, a device through which blood circulates and is filtered via a semi-permeable membrane.


Our team began manufacturing dialyzers in the late 1970s and as such is one of the most experienced organization in the fields of dialyzer design, development, production and quality control.


Dialife dialyzers are used on four continents under different brand names and ranked among the highest quality and performance devices available.


Currently Dialife offers several lines of dialyzers with various sizes, designs, sterilization methods and types of synthetic membrane, including Polysulfone, Polyethesulfone and Purema fiber.


Our dialyzer portfolio is one of the most comprehensive in the industry, designed to accommodate diverse dialysis treatment needs.


Dialife - Dialyzer
Dialife - Dialyzer02

Tubing Sets & Fistula Needles

To complement dialysis care requirements, Dialife manufactures high quality blood tubing sets and fistula needles.


Each component is sourced from world class providers and composed of the highest quality raw materials. We approach every aspect of product development with a focus on safety, patient comfort, ease of use and optimization of treatment outcome.


Dialife offers numerous configurations of blood lines, to be compatible with any dialysis machine and/or clinical requirement.


Our tubing sets and fistula needles can be sterilized by ETO or gamma rays.


Dialife - Tubing Sets & Fistula Needles
Dialife - Tubing Sets & Fistula Needles02

Dialysis Machines

Dialife is pleased to introduce the DIADVANCE Series line of dialysis machines.


With state-of-the-art technology, yet simple and easy to use, the DIADVANCE dialysis monitors represent a step forward for Dialife.


The DIADVANCE Series dialysis machines offer safety and reliability, with minimal maintenance requirements and a broad array of functional options including:


• Double needle dialysis

• Single needle dialysis (one pump)

• Single needle dialysis (two pumps)

• Sequential dialysis

• Acetate dialysis

• Bicarbonate dialysis solution

• Bicarbonate dialysis powder

• Profiling: - Sodium Bicarbonate

 - Ultrafiltration

 - Heparin

• Hemodiafiltration

• Hemodiafiltrattion on-line


Dialife - Dialysis Machines
Dialife - Dialysis Machines

Complementary Products

Dialife has developed strong relationships with manufacturers (Dialife-affiliated and independent) of other products for dialysis and beyond.


Through these partnerships, we can offer high quality sodium bicarbonate cartridges and bags, concentrate solutions, infusion sets, transfusion sets, catheters and more.


Dialife - Dialysis Devices - Products01
Dialife - Dialysis Devices - Products02

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